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Beep Boop Son, Beep Boop. I'm a goat.

The Admin is mainly dedicated to the ship of RusBel, or RussiaXBelarus. If you don't like it, thats fine, but don't go up to me and be butthurt about it please...Oh, and even though I support that shipping, I can still Roleplay other ships and/or OC's if you ask.

Around Mid August, Im going on vacation. That means I can draw more on paper AND mobile, since Im going to be cramped into a car and Animal Jam will never be near me. Anyways, if I ever get wifi or something, I will update with drawings and also I will update my page so it looks more pretty and fancier eue So yeah. 

Admin Nachos.


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Ivan Braginski
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Shippings the Admin Supports:

OTP: RussiaXBelarus AND 2P!RussiaX2P!Ukraine
(( :iconovariesplz: ))
(( Sorry, I don't like gender swapped versions. ))

Hello! I am Ivan Braginski! And I'm also known as the country, Russia! I like to drink vodka, go ice fishing, and sometimes I just stay home with my sister!...I hope to answer any questions you may have for me!

Squidward's Nose Stamp by Nironan12BelaRussia by Kagome-InuyashkinaRussia x Belarus by Kagome-InuyashkinaDA Stamp - Ask About My OTP 01 by tppgraphicsOver Anaylitical Stamp by ShantellaAPH: Russia x Belarus Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuRusBela OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping


The Gorillaz-Loving Niece: :iconveronica-the-fox:
The Comrade: :iconniwinoodle:
My Waifu: :iconbelarus-hetalia:
The Insane Crazy Uncle giving away free cupcakes: :iconus-marine:
My awesome dog: :iconlittle-brittle: to :iconinumipro:
My derpy squirrel pet: :iconfrancls:
The funny one that ships everything: :iconairpianes:
The Pony Pet: :iconpotatocarrottop69:
The little one that does black magic in my basement: :iconjelzie:
The nerdy cousin: :iconraimundo-fangirl:
My new pet alien that I stole from America: :iconthat-one-alien:
The Awesome Australian: :iconaustralia-au-cw:
The person that tries cheering me up: :iconskiptic:
The cranky grandmother that does Cross Country: :iconsilverthetigercat:
The little Italy Lover: :iconfellciano:
The one that wants me to be their husband: :iconbatmancupcakes:
The Koling cousin: :iconbraglnski:
My awesome pet cat: :iconthenewleyany8:
My Twilight Sparkle baby foal: :iconchiefgirl134:
My RainbowPonyOreo: :iconvickithehedgehog: moved to :iconkltsy:
My personnel SnK Trainee: :iconxtwisted-fate-x:
My 2P!Italy Hitman: :iconcold-bloodyknife:
The magical twin: :iconrussia-love:
The cool tomboy: :iconagentrkl99:
The niece that keeps staring at me: :iconlolnotnormal:
The heroic hero of heroes: :iconamerica-thegreathero:
The Badass Wolf: :iconbaganssexual:
The derpy doge: :iconheartstarwishes:
The Older Sibling: :iconhetariarovers:
That One Girl: :iconpakenstein:
Another lovely little sister: :iconblelarus:
The Russia Lover: :iconmattthegermanshep:
The Maple-Leafed Kol-er: :iconwaterflame6:
The comrade whoes always there: :icontorri11:
The Scarved Sorcerer who protects me: :iconmythraill:

The girl that always follows me around with a chocolate bar in her hand: :iconhetalialover66:

The One Who Watches The Family in There Sleep: :iconavionrunner:

The awesome booty buddy: :iconwavebite:
The bubbling sidekick named Chewy: :iconmarshmallow-bunnii:
The hero I stole the pet alien from: :iconproudlywestand:
Wanna join the family? Don't be shy to ask!

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((Wow. Considering your OTP I thank you for liking my theory enough to fav it.))
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