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.....Y U DO DIS im gonna eat you.

1. Have you ever got in a fight?

Russia:...Sadly, da....many times...

((Ehh, not really. Most of the time it's hardcore debating.))

2. When was the last time you looked in the mirror.

Russia: ....About an hour ago.

((bitch was that an insult. XD ))

3. Waffles, french toast or pancakes?

Russia: Hmm, perhaps waffles? 

((I'm not a breakfast person D: I'd probably choose....french toast?))

4. What type of music do you HATE


(( SERIOUSLY IS MUSIC THIS STUPID THESE DAYS. Like, I don't care much for Lil'Wayne or Drake cause a few of their songs i like, but this song is so disgusting ugh. My least favorite genre is rap, and I doubt Russia is gonna like this "slut and drugs" music either D: btw not saying all rap is about sluts and drugs, but these days its too intense. ))

5. Do you like hetalia?

Russia: ....Italy? Well, I wish we can be friends....

(( Yes. YES. YYEEESSS.))

6. Would you rather cut off your nose or lip?

Russia: W-What!? Why would I do that!? M-Maybe....Um....

(( Nope nope nope. ))

7. What is yerrrrr nameeee

Russia: My name is Ivan Braginski!

(( I'm Niwi. ))

8. Do u like frogs?

Russia: Ehh, they're ok. 
England: Oh, you mean France? Pfft.

(( sorry, wanted to add Iggy in there XD Frogs are ok. ))

9. What anime do you like?

Russia: Hmm, I don't know many, maybe Durarara?

(( Hetalia, Naruto, Black Butler, Attack On titan, Cowboy Bebop, *deep voice* NUDIST BEACH, Durarara, Inuyasha, Bleach, Blue Excorcist, Dragon Ball Z, Boondocks, Soul eater, Death note, Full Metal Alchemist, and Space Dandy. Btw not in order))

i dun wanna tag im lazy im sorreh senpai


Russia-Hetalia-plz's Profile Picture
Ivan Braginski
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
In a barren land of frost and almost eternal winter, a country known as Russia lives upon these conditions. Russia lived here all his life, along with his two sisters, Ukraine and Belarus. Together they lived through the cold conditions they call home. Russia soon met three other countries that bordered him. Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. Together, all of them have constructed the Soviet Union on December 30, 1922 during World War II. After the Cold War, in the year of 1991, the three Baltics and even his older sister, Ukraine, left him. Although, Russia's youngest sister, Belarus, wanted to stay with him. With her tenacious behavior, she proceeds to continue stalking him, wanting him to marry her.

Russia, although known as a very cold land, can harvest some of the most beautiful sights, such as frozen trees, beautiful lakes, and even sunflower fields, which is Russia's favorite sight to see. Sunflowers always reminded Russia about the warm sun, something that isn't experienced too much in his country: Warmth. Russia to other countries is known as a a place of nothing but winter, a season where everything is dead. But this country does have it's own heart. Russia loves vodka, eating pirozhki and borscht, ice fishing, and even dancing.

Russia always wanted to have friends, for the Baltics fear him and his sister's don't come by very often, besides Belarus, who may be bothersome at times. Russia tries to keep a cute smile on his face to not look so intimidating to others, but the countries can't see that he's trying to make friends cause they're all afraid of him. When he was in the Soviet Union, he got his taste for blood and war, which only grew and grew as the years went by. The countries have seen what Russia has done in the past, which is the reason why he is feared. It is even rumored that Russia has no parents for an unknown reason, but him and even his sister's prefer to not mention or even talk about it. Behind his heart warming smile is something crooked.

OTP: RussiaXBelarus AND 2P!RussiaX2P!Ukraine
(( :iconovariesplz: ))
(( Sorry, I don't like gender swapped versions. ))
BelaRussia by Kagome-InuyashkinaRussia x Belarus stamp by Kagome-InuyashkinaOver Anaylitical Stamp by ShantellaAPH: Russia x Belarus Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuRusBela OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping…

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